Frequently asked questions

Can you provide me with a written confirmation?

Yes. All bookings are confirmed in writing to you. Bookings are alsoconfirmed when you return the signed contract along with the non-refundable booking fee (usually 25% of the total amount).

Can I give you a list of songs I want you to play?

Sure. We welcome and encourage song requests, from both your guests and yourself on the night. As part of the written confirmation, We include a form for you to enter songs you would like to hear.

What do you wear?

This depends entirely on you and your event. For most functions we wear appropriate attire to suit the occasion. If you would prefer that we dress down a little, then that is perfectly possible too.

I'm having a band at my Wedding/Party, is this OK?

Yes, we are happy to work with other entertainers, whether you've booked a string quartet, magician or band. Just let us know when booking, and if possible some contact details, so that we can get in touch to help co-ordinate things prior to your event. We have worked with other entertainers in the past, including pianists, choirs and other DJ's.

How much do you cost?

To obtain an accurate quote for your event we would require the following bits of information, 1). Where the venue is, 2). Are you're requiring background music during your wedding breakfast. 3). Do you require up lighting of your chosen function room for the day. These various items may cost extra. Make a booking enquiry, or call on 07510 572220 or 01204 388433 to discuss your requirements.

How do I book?

Use the Enquiry form provided, or call on 07510 572220 or 01204 388433.

Do you have PLI / PAT?

Yes. we have Public Liability Insurance up to £10m. All the equipment is regularly serviced and PAT (Portable Appliance Test). We are more than happy to send you copies of these Certificates. We can also send copies direct to your venue if required.

Do you provide Karaoke?

We provide you with a quality, professional DJ/Disco service, and Karaoke, all within our standard set up which is included in the price, whether you use the Karaoke or not.

What equipment do you have?

You can find out about some of the equipment which we possess, on the equipment page.

Can you provide a fog machine?

A fog machine is available, however written permission would be required from the venue before it is used. Some smoke detectors in certain venues can be extremely sensitive to the tiniest amount of smoke particles, and we wouldn't want the alarm going off half way through your event, forcing everyone to evacuate the building causing a huge inconvenience to you, your guests, and the venue staff etc.

Can I come to one of your functions to watch/see you perform?

Unfortunately this isn't possible as most functions are private parties. We do from time to time attend public events, and these usually get published on our Facebook Page. Please note that public events can be quite different from personnel parties and the like, often these events are in the daytime, so both the style of performance and set-up will vary quite considerably.

Why do Prices Vary so much ?

Our prices are very competitive with most of our competitors, however as with all services in this business you will generally get what you pay for. When comparing our prices to those of our competitors, you must remember you will be paying for the expertise, experience and quality service and equipment we provide. It is most important when your looking to have a successful event, that you choose a Mobile Disco/Karaoke on professionalism not price.   

I Can get a cheaper Mobile Disco will you price match?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Our prices take into consideration many different factors, such as the experience, contracted demands to you, quality of equipment and unlike some other Mobile Disco's we will always arrive at your event. This Mobile Disco is a business and it is important for us to provide you with a quality service. We believe if your inviting your family and friends to your most important event, you must be looking for someone who can run, organise and do the right things at the right time in a professional and fun way. Repeat business is important, word-of-mouth is one of our most valuable ways of getting future business.  

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